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A washer is a small disc or ring which is designed to sit between two parts of a piece of machinery in order to act as a buffer or spacer. They can help to reduce friction, improve seals or to fill spaces between two components.


Large Variety of Materials In Stock


At Stephens Gaskets we stock them in a number of different materials and sizes, each of which is dependent on the specific properties required. For example, in an application where you’re looking to reduce vibration — in washing machines, for example – cork would be the best material for the job. Likewise, for water and oil resistance as well being non-degradable, nitrile would be the right material to use. From synthetic rubbers to metal and natural cork, choosing the right material for the job is vital.


Products for Every Industry

Even Klinger washers are available, made from compressed fibre and ideal for sealing against gases, solvents and liquids. These are often used in marine and industrial applications such as oil pipelines and diesel engines. They’re able to withstand temperatures over 400 degrees celsius, they’re a truly industrial machine part.


Made To Your Specifications

We can do machine turn to your own specifications, based on the thickness and diameter – both inside and outside – that you require. Our CNC turning machine can work with stainless steel, brass, mild steel, copper, aluminium and more, depending on the specific properties you require. Copper, for example, is conductive as well as being malleable and strong, whereas aluminium is lightweight and nonmagnetic.


Stephens Gaskets, West Midlands


We are strategically placed in the West Midlands to be able to provide materials to customers right across Britain and further afield as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service, customised to your own particular requirements. After all, a washer is a piece of precision engineering and having the right measurements can be the difference between a perfect seal and a leaky joint.


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