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Shims are most commonly used to help fill small gaps and spaces between objects or parts of objects, in order to ensure a good seal and reduce instances of erosion, amongst other things. For example, if two parts are connected and are subject to wear and tear, a shim can be used between them to take on this wear and tear (particularly if the shim is made of a softer material), making repairs and replacements much quicker, easier and more cost effective.


Copper Shims-Advantages


Another advantage of shims is that parts can be manufactured imperfectly, meaning that the meeting of two parts need not be watertight or perfect, as the gaps can be made up by shims, meaning that the cost of manufacture is lowered as the tolerances for gaps can then be much higher.


Absorbs Impact


One particularly soft metal used in the manufacture of shims and foil is copper. Copper shims act in the way described above, allowing parts of a machine to move or rub, with the shim absorbing the impact and abrasion, thereby lowering the chances of the parts of the machine itself having to be repaired or replaced. This means that by simply replacing the relatively inexpensive copper shims every once in a while, major repairs and renovations to the main parts of the machine are avoided. This minimises downtime and cost.


Highly Conductive


Aside from being a relatively soft and ductile metal, copper is also highly conductive in both senses of electrical and heat transfer, with the material often being used in cabling and the transfer of water. In the latter usage, copper does not react with water, making it ideal for many types of pipes. It does, however, react with air and develops a layer of copper oxide when left exposed.


Copper Shims- Availability


We have a number of different copper shims and copper foil available in most of the common sizes and gauges, with bespoke options available for customers who have a specific need or requirement. Our long history makes us perfectly placed to be able to offer the ideal copper shims solution for any customer, regardless of the quantity or type of order, so give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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