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Stephens Gaskets are shim specialists, with over fifty years of experience in providing pre cut shims for a wide range of clients. Over the decades, we’ve provided our services to hundreds of clients both here in the UK and worldwide. We remain dedicated to providing an affordable, reliable and effective service to all of our customers, no matter how big or small.


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This has led to us becoming a trusted and relied upon resource for many, many individuals and businesses, comfortable in the knowledge that Stephens Gaskets will provide the best service we can, again and again.


Lengthened Machine Lifespan


Often, the smallest things can make a big difference. While we produce all manner of machinery components of all sizes, we don’t overlook the little things that everybody needs and everybody benefits from. Shims are a vital part of any machinery. Accurate and precise alignment is a key component of many different machines, and carefully pre-cut shims are something which is likely to help your machine run more smoothly. Smooth running means higher productivity, a lengthened machine lifespan, and peace of mind, so choosing your pre-cut shims correctly is something everybody should consider.


Saves Energy


Most shims are used to simply fill small spaces within a machine. This can be for many reasons – to help the machinery run more comfortably, or to ensure a level surface to reduce vibration and energy wastage.


Pre Cut Shims at Stephens Gaskets


Whatever you need your pre-cut shims for, Stephens Gaskets can guarantee accuracy and reliability every time. Shims can be made from a multitude of different materials, depending on what it is they are going to be used for, how intensely they are going to be used, and how long they need to last. Plastics, rubber, steel or leather shims are commonplace, as are metal cut shims made from brass or aluminium for more heavy duty usage.


Bespoke Service


Stephens Gaskets produces all of their shims on site in the Midlands, and while many shims are of standard shapes and sizes, we’re also very happy to create custom pre-cut shims for more precise or intricate needs. For your convenience, we also offer pre-cut shims with an adhesive surface applied, as well as laminated shims for a smoother, longer lasting finish.


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