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Neoprene is a specific form of rubber, ideal for use in a number of applications as a gasket. In terms of its properties, it has a good level of strength and is resistant to weathering, ageing and abrasion. With thicknesses typically ranging from 1/64” to 3/8”, there should always be a neoprene gasket to suit your needs. If there isn’t, that’s no problem; we offer bespoke manufacturing of any product you might require.


Ideal For Underwater Use

Neoprene is often found in the aquatic leisure industry, most commonly in diving wetsuits. It’s stretchiness and insulation properties make it the ideal material for underwater use, not to mention the fact that it’s waterproof! In addition, it performs very well under water pressure, and is therefore a very highly performing material in the depths of the oceans.


Durable & Resistant

In terms of industrial use, neoprene is often used in industrial hosing and other instances where the material required needs to be waterproof, durable and resistant. Neoprene is all of these things and more, with a burn point of around 260 degrees celsius and very high durability. It also provides good noise insulation, which means that neoprene gaskets are sometimes used in home appliances where noise minimisation is one of the overriding requirements that customers have. Having a neoprene buffer in a washing machine, for example, can minimise noise and movement, allowing for a much higher perception of quality workmanship.


Lower Long-Term Costs

The durability of neoprene is unrivalled, with gaskets being more than capable of lasting for decades, meaning fewer replacements and a lower long-term cost outlay. So, not only is neoprene ideal in terms of its quality and properties, but it often works out to be the most cost-effective option on the table. What’s not to love?


Established Since 1947

We’re very proud of our neoprene gaskets, but not as proud as we are of our history, experience and service that we’re able to offer our customers. We have been established since 1947, with an unrivalled level of experience in the industry, which we’re able to pass on to you, our customer. Our highly-trained teams will help you find the right product for your requirements and deliver it to you at an unbeatable price.


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  • 1/64” to 3/8” thicknesses
  • Ideal For Underwater Use
  • Capable of lasting for decades
  • Rapid Delivery

If you are looking for neoprene gaskets then look no further than Stephens Gaskets. We are one of the country’s leading neoprene gasket manufacturers and can proudly produce the component in a wide variety of forms.

Being a neoprene gasket supplier for over sixty years has enabled us to become experts in what we do. We have accumulated a highly in-depth knowledge and understanding of mechanical components, and have used this to create mechanical solutions for some of the most demanding industries.

Neoprene gaskets are one of the many different types of gasket we can produce in our manufacturing hub, and we can offer them to our customers at extremely competitive prices. Neoprene is a material that is specifically suited to work with water – both salt water and fresh water – and displays incredible chemical inertia. The material also offers an excellent resistance to oils, ozone and sunlight and can be used in temperatures ranging between -20 C and +110 C. Common applications for neoprene gaskets include weather sealing applications and electrical installations.

Here at Stephens Gaskets, as experts in the trade, we can offer you advice and support when it comes to choosing the right component for your requirements. We work with only trusted suppliers to ensure we have access to the highest qualities of materials, and provide traceable certification for all of our resources if required. With Stephens Gaskets, we’ll go the extra mile in ensuring you invest in a reliable and quality product that won’t let you down.

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