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Brass Shim Washers

At Stephens Gaskets we are extremely proud to be brass shim washer specialists and leading shim washers manufacturers, producing  for a wide range of industries and applications.

What is a Brass Shim Washer?

A shim washer can be made from many materials such as aluminium, plastic brass, copper, cork, neoprene, rubber and stainless steel to name but a few. Metal shim washers are typically doughnut-shaped, and the diameter around the outside is usually twice the size of the diameter of the inside. Its most common usage is to distribute the load of a screw or a nut, so the fastener will not break when it has to bear weight. Some other common uses for shim washers are as a spacer or wear pad.

Benefits of a Brass Shim Washer

Brass shim washer material is popular in applications involving friction reduction due to its strength and durability. Brass shim washer properties include excellent resistance to corrosion by water and exhibits corrosion resistance in environments where fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol are present. Brass demonstrates excellent electrical conductivity and is extremely popular in the electric industry and appliance industry.

Unique and Useful Properties

Brass is a metal alloy with a number of unique and useful properties. Although all brass is made from zinc and copper, the exact proportions of ingredients often vary in order to meet specific requirements in terms of the properties of the brass.

Does Not Spark

Brass is particularly useful in applications consisting of low levels of friction, with brass often being used in gears, bearings or plumbing and electrical appliances. Although many metals spark, brass does not, so it is often used in fittings and applications in which sparks need to be avoided, such as around chemicals and explosive gases. Brass is also malleable and has superb acoustic properties, making it useful for a number of different applications.


In the manufacture of shim washers, brass has been particularly popular due to its unique properties as listed above. Brass is recyclable, which adds to its low-cost and expendability — two of the factors which make shim washers particularly useful. It is generally far more expensive to manufacture components to have a perfect fit, and therefore many mass produced appliances use shim washers in order to pad out gaps between components in a way which will reduce cost for the consumer and manufacturer.

Useful In Many Industries

Brass Shim Washers not only save money, but they’re also specifically designed to act as a buffer for friction and other forces, making them a very popular item in many different industries and across a number of different applications.

Established in 1947

We can manufacture brass shim washers to any diameter or size to suit your need, with a number of different thicknesses also available. If you have a specific, bespoke requirement for brass shim washers, please contact us to see what we could do for you. We have been established since 1947, and our expert customer services team are always on hand to give you any help you might need.

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Brass shim washers are one of the many different types of components that we can manufacture and supply here at Stephens Gaskets. With over four decades in the industry we have established a highly in-depth knowledge and understanding of shim washers, and use this to create both bespoke and non-bespoke solutions to a wide range of industries and applications.

Non Spark Material

They are incredibly versatile due to the extensive list of properties that the brass material has. The washer offers excellent resistance to water corrosion as well as corrosion protection against environments with fuel, oil, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol present. With excellent electrical conductivity they are extremely popular in the electrical and appliance industries. Unlike many other metals, brass shim washers do not spark, and therefore are ideal for use in fittings and applications where sparks need to be avoided – such as environments which chemicals and explosive gases. They are also useful in applications consisting of low friction levels, often being used in gears, bearings and plumbing.

We Can Help Whatever Your Requirements

As leading shim washers suppliers, here at Stephens Gaskets we always aim to make our shim manufacturing services as versatile as they can be. We do this by offering a huge selection of sizes, dimensions and thicknesses for shims to be made from – so that you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right component for the job. Our bespoke service is also on hand to create custom made shims made to more specific sizes and measurements if needed.

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