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Cylinder Head Gaskets


Cylinder head gaskets are a particular type of gasket which is designed to sit between the cylinder head and an engine block. They are used in all types of internal combustion engines, but most commonly in road vehicles such as cars and trucks. Like any type of gasket, the purpose of a cylinder head gasket is to seal the gap between two surfaces (in this case the cylinder head and the engine block) in order to ensure there is no leakage of either liquids or gases into or out of the join (in this case the leakage of exhaust fumes out of the exhaust system).


No Leaking Fumes

The consequences of leakage in exhaust systems can be catastrophic. Aside from the environmental impact of untreated exhaust fumes leaking into the atmosphere before being passed through a catalytic converter, the potential for fumes to leak into the passenger cabin can be fatal, with carbon monoxide poisoning being a real possibility. It is for this reason that well-made cylinder head gaskets are absolutely vital in any internal combustion engine.


Cylinder Head Gaskets- history

Over the years, cylinder head gaskets have been made from a number of different materials. Historically, composite materials of graphite or asbestos were used, but these were phased out due to environmental and health concerns over asbestos and the fact that the materials were far more prone to head gasket blow-outs than more modern materials. Nowadays, MLS (multiple layered steel) or copper gaskets are most commonly used, with copper gaskets allowing the cylinder to bite into the gasket, improving the seal and the life of the gasket itself.


Inexpensive Maintenance

Gaskets are not expensive to buy, but the cost of replacing a blown gasket and potentially repairing the engine block following a blowout can be extreme, which is why regular maintenance and checks are highly recommended. Having a head gasket blowout on any type of internal combustion engine can be catastrophic and very expensive to fix, whereas maintenance is relatively inexpensive and can ensure ongoing safety.


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  • For internal combustion engines
  • Expertly manufactured
  • Multiple layered steel or copper gaskets available
  • Regular maintenance recommended

Cylinder head gaskets are important components to invest in for the safety of your automotive vehicle. The gaskets are a particular type of component that is specially designed to wedge the gap between the automotive cylinder heads and the engine blocks in cars, trucks and other types of internal combustion engines. It is vital that the gap is sealed properly as in doing so, you are preventing harmful fumes from leaving the exhaust system and entering the cabin or the surrounding environment.

Cylinder head gaskets have an incredibly important job inside a vehicle, which is why it is important to source the components from trusted cylinder head gasket manufacturers. Here at Stephens Gaskets, we are proud to have over sixty years of experience as cylinder head gasket makers, and have a team of experts on hand to manufacture the components to your exact requirements. We only work with trusted suppliers, so you can rest easy knowing that your gasket will be made using the highest qualities of materials and resources.

Our state-of-the-art equipment means that we can create cylinder head gaskets to the highest degree of precision, accuracy, quality and consistency. We are also able to cater to both small and large volume batches of the product – so no matter what your requirement is, we will be able to help.

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