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Bespoke Manufacturing


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As a trusted provider of shim solutions, we serve OEMs and businesses globally.

At Stephens Gaskets, we are a proud supplier of Laser Etching that can be custom made to meet the needs of our customers. Moreover, our experienced team is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to manufacture high-quality washers that are built to last.

If you’re seeking high-quality Laser Etching with a quick turnaround, look no further.

Our reputation as the best in the business is well-deserved. With over 70 years of experience delivering top-notch products that meet both your budget and timeline. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is unwavering.

What is Laser Etching?

Laser etching is a precision process used to create a permanent mark or design on the surface of various materials, such as metals, plastics, glass, and more. This technique involves using a laser beam to melt the surface of the material just enough to cause a raised, textured mark. The process is highly controlled and accurate, making it ideal for adding detailed logos, serial numbers, or decorative patterns.

At Stephens Gaskets, laser etching is used to ensure that every part or component manufactured can be traced and identified, enhancing quality control and ensuring compliance with industry standards. This method is favoured for its efficiency and the durability of the mark it leaves, which can withstand environmental and chemical exposures without degradation. Whether for industrial applications or for more decorative purposes, laser etching provides a reliable and precise marking solution.

Laser Etching Benefits:

Laser etching offers numerous benefits, particularly for manufacturing and industrial applications like those at Stephens Gaskets. Some key advantages:

Precision and Accuracy:

Laser etching allows for highly precise and detailed markings, which is essential for creating intricate designs or for marking small components with limited space.


The marks made by laser etching are permanent and highly resistant to fading, wear, or environmental damage. This is critical for parts that may be exposed to harsh conditions or require long-term identification and traceability.

Non-Contact Process:

Since the laser does not physically touch the part it marks, there is no mechanical wear and tear on the part, preserving its integrity and surface finish.


Laser etching is a quick process, which can significantly increase production throughput. It is much faster than traditional marking methods like stamping or engraving.


It can be used on a variety of materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and even some organics like wood or leather. This flexibility makes it suitable for multiple industries and applications.

Minimal Maintenance:

Laser etching machines require minimal maintenance compared to other marking technologies. They are reliable and operate for long periods without the need for significant upkeep.


Over time, the efficiency and speed of laser etching can reduce overall costs by minimising labour and maintenance expenses. Additionally, the ability to etch multiple items simultaneously further enhances its cost efficiency.

Improved Traceability:

With laser etching, it’s easy to add serial numbers, part numbers, and barcodes to products, which improves the traceability of components throughout their lifecycle.

These benefits make laser etching a valuable tool for Stephens Gaskets, helping to ensure quality, compliance, and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Looking for a Laser Etching Supplier?

Stephens Gaskets is a leading supplier of high-quality Laser Etching. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We commit ourselves to providing top-notch products and services for companies nation wide.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Laser Etching and how we can help you with your next project.

What are the applications of Laser Etching?

Laser etching has a wide range of applications across various industries due to its precision, versatility, and efficiency. Here are some common applications:

Automotive Components:

In the automotive industry, laser etching is used to mark parts with serial numbers, QR codes, and other critical information that aids in tracking and quality control.


Manufacturers use laser etching to label electronic components such as circuit boards, connectors, and housings with information that might include logos, technical specifications, and safety warnings.

Medical Devices:

Laser etching is crucial for medical equipment and devices, where non-toxic, permanent markings are required for traceability, compliance with medical standards, and to provide usage instructions.

Tooling and Machinery:

Tools and machinery parts are often marked using laser etching to provide identification, usage instructions, and safety information. This is particularly important in environments where tools are extensively used and need to be regularly maintained.

Promotional Items and Gifts:

Laser etching is popular for personalising promotional materials and gifts like pens, keychains, and glass awards, allowing for detailed and permanent designs that enhance branding.

Jewellery and Fashion:

In the fashion and jewellery industries, laser etching is used to add unique designs, brand names, or personal messages to items, making each piece stand out

Aerospace Components:

The aerospace industry relies on laser etching for marking parts with information that must withstand extreme conditions and remain legible for safety and maintenance purposes.


Laser etching is used in packaging for adding barcodes, expiration dates, and lot numbers to products, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries where such information is critical.

Architectural and Decorative Applications:

On a more creative note, laser etching is used in architecture and interior design to create detailed decorative patterns on surfaces like metal, glass, and wood.

At Stephens Gaskets, laser etching is utilised to ensure high-quality, durable markings on custom-made parts, helping our clients maintain consistency and traceability across their products.

Whether for functional industrial use or aesthetic applications, the adaptability of laser etching makes it invaluable in numerous sectors.

What are the painhooks of Laser Etching?

Laser etching, while highly beneficial, also comes with certain challenges or pain points that users may encounter. Here are some common issues associated with laser etching:

Material Limitations: Not all materials are equally suited for laser etching. Some materials, such as certain plastics or metals, can burn, distort, or not etch clearly, depending on their composition and the laser settings used.

Initial Cost: The initial investment in etching equipment can be high. While the long-term savings and efficiency gains are significant, the upfront cost can be a barrier for smaller operations or those just starting out.

Technical Skill Requirement: Operating etching machinery and optimising it for different materials and designs requires technical knowledge and training. There’s a learning curve involved, which can be a challenge for new users.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Although generally low maintenance, etching equipment does require regular servicing to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning of lenses, alignment of the laser, and other routine checks that might require technical support.

Safety Concerns: The use of lasers poses safety risks, including the potential for burns, eye damage, and exposure to fumes, especially when etching certain plastics or coated materials. Proper safety measures and equipment are essential.

Scalability Issues: While etching is efficient, scaling up production can require additional or more advanced equipment. For businesses experiencing growth, this can mean further investment and setup time.

Environmental Impact: Some etching processes, especially when involving plastics or coated materials, can produce harmful fumes or waste. Adequate ventilation and air quality control are necessary to mitigate environmental and health impacts.

Design Limitations: Although etching is quite versatile, the depth and texture of the etch can be limited compared to other methods like engraving. This might affect the outcome for users requiring deeper or more tactile markings.

For companies like Stephens Gaskets that utilise etching, addressing these pain points involves careful selection of materials, proper training for operators, investment in quality equipment, and adherence to safety standards to maximise the benefits while minimising the drawbacks.

What is the lead time for laser marking?

The lead time for laser marking at Stephens Gaskets can vary depending on several factors:

Typically, for standard orders, Stephens Gaskets aims to keep lead times as short as possible, often within a few working days, assuming there are no unusual complexities or material issues.

For large or highly customised orders, lead times might extend to a week or more. It’s always best to discuss specific needs and timelines directly with the company to get a more accurate estimate based on current workload and specific order details.

Is it possible to engrave art work?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to engrave artwork using laser etching at Stephens Gaskets. Laser etching is highly versatile and precise, making it suitable for transferring detailed graphic designs onto a variety of materials. Here’s how it works and what makes it ideal for engraving artwork:

Detail and Precision: Etching can achieve very high levels of detail, allowing for intricate patterns, fine lines, and complex images to be accurately reproduced on the chosen material.

Versatility in Materials: As mentioned, you can engrave artwork on metals, plastics, glass, wood, and more. This flexibility allows for a wide range of artistic expressions and applications, from decorative pieces to functional items with a unique touch.

Customisation: Etching is perfect for customising products with artwork, whether it’s for personalization, branding, or artistic embellishment. Each piece can be uniquely designed to match specific aesthetic or branding requirements.

Durability: The engravings made by etching are permanent and resistant to fading, wear, and environmental factors, ensuring that the artwork remains visible and intact over time.

Digital Integration: Artwork to be engraved is typically processed through digital formats, which means that digital designs or scanned images can be directly transferred to the etching equipment. This integration allows for exact replication of the original artwork.

Whether you’re looking to add artistic flair to commercial products or create unique, personalised items, etching can provide a durable and precise solution. If you have specific artwork in mind, Stephens Gaskets can help translate that into a beautifully engraved final product on your material of choice.

What materials can we Laser Etch?:

At Stephens Gaskets, we can laser etch a variety of materials, each chosen for its ability to meet the specific needs of our customers across different industries. Here are some of the most commonly laser-etched materials:


Including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, and titanium. Metals are among the most common materials for  etching due to their durability and the high contrast that can be achieved between the etched and non-etched areas.


Certain types of plastics can be effectively laser etched, though it’s important to select the right type to ensure a clear, permanent mark. Some plastics can change colour under the laser, providing good visibility for the etching.

Anodized Aluminum:

This material is particularly popular for laser etching as the laser removes the anodized layer, revealing the bare metal beneath in a contrasting colour.

Coated Materials:

Etching can be used to remove coatings from materials, such as painted metals or coated plastics, revealing the underlying surface in a different colour for effective marking.


Although more delicate, glass can be etched with a laser for decorative purposes or for marking part numbers and logos.


Similar to glass, ceramics can be laser etched, though care must be taken to adjust the laser settings to avoid damaging the brittle material.


Etching on wood is used mainly for decorative purposes or for product labelling, creating a burnt, contrasting effect that is quite visually appealing.


Specially designed laminated materials that change colour when etched can be used for labels, signs, and control panels.

These materials cover a broad spectrum of applications, from industrial parts that require durability and precision, to promotional items and decorative pieces. Stephens Gaskets ensures that each material is properly handled and etched according to the highest standards to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Need Guidance on Laser Etching?

Stephens Gaskets is a leading supplier of high-quality Laser Etching. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We commit ourselves to providing top-notch products and services for companies nation wide.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Etching and how we can help you with your next project.

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