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At Stephens Gaskets, we are a proud supplier of Nylon Washers that can be custom made to meet the needs of our customers. Moreover, our experienced team is equipped with the latest technology and machinery to manufacture high-quality washers that are built to last.

If you’re seeking high-quality Nylon Washers with a quick turnaround, look no further.

Our reputation as the best in the business is well-deserved. With over 70 years of experience delivering top-notch products that meet both your budget and timeline. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is unwavering.

What are Nylon Washers?

Nylon washers are a type of washer made from nylon, a synthetic polymer known for its strength, durability, and resistance to wear and environmental factors. These washers serve multiple purposes in various applications, primarily acting as spacers, providing insulation, reducing vibration, and protecting surfaces.

Key Features:

Insulating Properties: Nylon is non-conductive, making these washers ideal for electrical applications where preventing metal-on-metal contact is crucial.

Corrosion Resistance: Unlike metal washers, nylon washers resist corrosion from chemicals and environmental elements, making them suitable for outdoor or harsh environments.

Lightweight: Nylon is significantly lighter than metal, which can be beneficial in applications where weight is a concern.

Durability: These washers can withstand significant pressure and are less likely to degrade over time, ensuring longevity in their performance.

Versatility: They can be used in a variety of industries including electronics, automotive, and aerospace for applications that require a durable, non-abrasive, and corrosion-resistant.

What are the applications of Nylon Washers?

Electronics & Electrical Devices:

Nylon washers are used to insulate metal parts from each other in electronic assemblies, preventing electrical shorts and protecting sensitive components from electromagnetic interference and static.


They are used in construction equipment and fixtures to provide durability and resistance against environmental damage, especially where metal washers would be susceptible to corrosion.

Consumer Appliances:

Nylon washers are found in many household appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, where they help in noise reduction and prevent wear and tear on movable parts.

Chemical Processing Industry:

The resistance of nylon to chemicals makes these washers ideal for use in chemical processing plants, where they can withstand exposure to various corrosive substances.

Medical Devices:

Their non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive properties make these washers suitable for various medical devices, especially those that are exposed to harsh sterilisation processes.

Looking for an Nylon Washers Supplier?

Stephens Gaskets is a leading supplier of high-quality Nylon Washers. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We commit ourselves to providing top-notch products and services for companies nation wide.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Nylon Washers and how we can help you with your next project.

What are the benefits of Nylon Washers?

Nylon washers are highly versatile and find applications across a wide range of industries due to their beneficial properties. Here are some common applications where nylon washers are particularly useful:

Electrical Insulation:

In electrical assemblies, nylon washers are used to prevent electrical conduction and interference between components, making them ideal for protecting delicate circuits and ensuring safety.


Used within automotive assemblies, nylon washers help in reducing vibrations, noise, and wear between metal components. They are also used to insulate and protect components from corrosion caused by exposure to the elements and automotive fluids.

Manufacturing Equipment:

Nylon washers are used in machinery and manufacturing equipment to reduce metal-on-metal contact, thereby extending the life of the equipment and minimising maintenance needs.

Consumer Products:

In items like sporting goods, toys, and household appliances, nylon washers are used to ensure smooth operation and longevity of the products by preventing wear and absorbing impacts.

Medical Equipment:

Due to their non-toxic and corrosion-resistant nature, nylon washers are used in various medical devices, particularly in those that undergo frequent sterilisation.

Electronic Devices:

They are used in laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices to prevent short circuits and mechanical damage by cushioning sensitive components.


Nylon washers are employed in construction to buffer stress and distribute loads evenly, especially in bolted joints and connections.

These applications take advantage of acetal washers’ ability to perform under stress, resist environmental factors, and maintain integrity over long periods, making them a preferred choice in many technical and demanding applications.

What are the recommendations for Nylon Washers?

In the manufacturing sector, material selection for components like nylon washers is crucial and often tailored to specific industry requirements and operational environments.

Here are some industry-specific recommendations for using nylon washers:

Automotive Industry:

Material Recommendation: High-grade nylon, often nylon 6/6, which provides high mechanical strength, stiffness, and heat resistance.

Application: Used in under-hood components where temperature resistance and durability are necessary.

Electronics and Electrical Equipment:

Material Recommendation: Nylon with high dielectric strength and low moisture absorption, such as nylon 6 or nylon 12.

Application: Insulation in electrical assemblies to prevent conductive paths and protect against electrical shorts.


Material Recommendation: Advanced nylons such as nylon 4.6, which offers better thermal stability and maintains strength at higher temperatures.

Application: In components subjected to varied environmental conditions and mechanical stress.

Consumer Appliances:

Material Recommendation: General-purpose nylon 6/6, known for its good balance of strength and cost.

Application: Internal components of appliances where stress resistance and durability are needed.

Construction and Structural Engineering:

Material Recommendation: Nylon with enhanced load-bearing capacity, possibly reinforced with glass fibres.

Application: In structural joints where large mechanical loads and high resistance to environmental stress are common.

Chemical Processing Industry:

Material Recommendation: Nylon variants resistant to chemicals, such as nylon 6/12, which has lower moisture absorption and better chemical resistance.

Application: Components that are frequently exposed to harsh chemicals and require consistent performance.

Medical Devices:

Material Recommendation: Medical-grade nylon that complies with FDA regulations for biocompatibility and sterilisation.

Application: In devices that require frequent sterilisation and contact with bodily fluids.

Each of these industry-specific materials is chosen based on the unique demands of the applications, such as resistance to chemicals, heat, or physical stresses, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the washers in their respective fields.

Need Guidance on Nylon Washers?

Stephens Gaskets is a leading supplier of high-quality Nylon Washers. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. We commit ourselves to providing top-notch products and services for companies nation wide.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Nylon Washers and how we can help you with your next project.

Solutions that Nylon Washers can offer:

Corrosion and Chemical Damage:

Pain Point: Metal washers can corrode or deteriorate when exposed to harsh chemicals or moist environments, leading to frequent replacements and increased maintenance costs.

Solution: Nylon washers offer excellent chemical resistance and do not corrode, providing a durable, long-lasting alternative to metal washers.

Electrical Insulation Failures:

Pain Point: In electrical applications, improper insulation can lead to short circuits, system failures, or even hazardous situations.

Solution: Nylon washers provide superior electrical insulation, preventing metal-to-metal contact and enhancing safety and reliability in electrical systems.

Vibration and Noise in Machinery:

Pain Point: Vibration and noise can lead to premature wear of components, operational inefficiencies, and increased noise pollution.

Solution: These washers effectively dampen vibrations and reduce noise, helping to extend the life of machinery and improve working conditions.

Wear and Abrasion in Moving Parts:

Pain Point: Frequent friction between components can lead to wear and tear, necessitating regular part replacement and downtime for repairs.

Solution: The low-friction surface of nylon washers minimises wear and abrasion between contact surfaces, thereby extending the lifespan of both the washer and the mating components.

Weight Constraints in Design:

Pain Point: In industries like aerospace and automotive, reducing the weight of components is crucial for efficiency and performance.

Solution: Nylon washers are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts, providing an effective way to reduce overall assembly weight without compromising on performance.

Cost Concerns:

Pain Point: The cost of specialised or high-strength metal washers can be prohibitive, especially for large-scale or cost-sensitive projects.

Solution: Nylon washers are generally more cost-effective than many metal alternatives, especially when considering their longevity and the reduction in replacement frequency.

Addressing these pain points directly in your marketing and sales strategies can effectively communicate the value of nylon washers to potential buyers, highlighting how these components solve common problems in various industrial applications.

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