Stephens Gaskets is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of shims, washers, and gaskets. With decades of experience under our belts, our team is committed to manufacturing and supplying reliable and cost-effective solutions. We have made some major investments in our facilities over the years. We have the capacity and equipment to offer precision machining services to a wide range of industries and applications. So, what is a washer used for?

When it comes to precision components such as washers, we know that quality, consistency, and durability are key to a successful solution. Having been a washer manufacturer for over forty years, we know exactly what it takes to create the perfect precision machined part.

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What Is A Washer Used For:

Load Distribution

One of the main reasons that a washer is used for is to evenly distribute the load of the threaded fastener with which they are used. Washers reduce the risk of damage to a surface by distributing the fastener’s load across the entire surface of a material. Not all materials are in need of a washer, however softer materials such as wood can benefit from the protection against stress-related damage that a washer can provide.


Something else that a washer is used for is spacing. When using a threaded fastener, if the fastener is longer than the depth of the object, you will not be able to drive it all the way without having some of the fastener sticking out of the back. In order to resolve this issue, you can use a washer. By placing washers through the threaded fastener before driving it into the surface, you can create a padding to prevent the fastener from going in too deep and causing damage.

Vibration Absorption

Absorbing vibrations is another thing that washers can be used for. Certain types of washers, (sometimes known as damping or vibration washers) have been designed to absorb vibrations. They also stop objects causing damage when vibrating aggressively into each other. These washers are usually made from a softer material such as rubber, as they are more effective at absorbing the vibrations than a harder material such as metal.

Leak Prevention

Some washers can be used to create a barrier against water and liquids. Often known as sealing washers, these washers are often used in water pipes and connections to create a waterproof seal. These washers are also made from softer materials such as rubber. This allows them to be able to press entirely against a surface and create a barrier without gaps.

Washer Manufacturers

If you are looking for washer components and would like to find out more about our solutions? Then head to our website today. We work with a wide range of materials and can manufacture washers made to your exact specifications. For more information, please call 0121 544 5808 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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