Summary. At Stephens Gaskets, expert shim washer suppliers dive deep into diverse shim washer types, detailing their shapes and specific applications. The article uncovers alignment, ring, tapered, threaded, and turned washers, highlighting their unique functionalities and uses.


At Stephens Gaskets, we are expert suppliers and specialists in manufacturing a wide range of shim washers in different materials and shapes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various types of shim washer shapes available and their specific applications.

Types of Shim Washer Shapes

Shim washers come in different shapes, each designed to suit specific needs. Here are some common types of shim washer shapes:

Alignment Shims

Alignment shims have a U-shape formation, making them perfect for fitting against a flat surface for alignment. They feature a curved interior, straight outer edges, and 90-degree corners, providing stability and reducing wear and tear.

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Ring Shims

Ring shims are circular or donut-shaped, with their inner and outer diameters determined by the sheet thickness. They act as spacers or compensating elements for compatible components.

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Tapered Shims

Tapered shims have a circular interior and a straight-edged exterior. They’re ideal for tight-tolerance situations where standard shims won’t provide the same level of performance. Tapered shims also help prevent wearing.

Threaded Washers

Threaded shim washer shapes have screw-like functionality, making them perfect for boosting load-bearing capabilities placed on a mating part. They’re versatile and can be used in various applications.

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Turned Washers

Turned washers are circular and manufactured using a CNC machine to meet precise specifications in interior and exterior diameter, as well as thickness. They’re effective in preventing nuts from loosening and reducing vibrations and jolting.

Other Types of Shim Washers

Apart from the above shim washer shapes, there are other variations available, such as slotted shims and horseshoe shims. Slotted shims have a slot on one side, making them adjustable and perfect for alignment. Horseshoe shims have a similar shape to alignment shims but lack the straight outer edges.

Choosing the Right Shim Washer Shape

When choosing a shim washer shape, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of your project. Factors such as load-bearing capacity, tight tolerances, and compatibility with other components should all be taken into account.

Looking for shim washer suppliers?

In conclusion, understanding the different types and shapes of shim washers available is crucial to selecting the right one for your application. At Stephens Gaskets as leading shim washer suppliers, we offer a wide range in various shapes and materials, including alignment shims, ring shims, tapered shims, threaded washers, and turned washers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Our contact number is 0121 544 5808 or if you’d prefer to reach out via email, our address is

Furthermore, if you want more information, check out previous blogs on specific shim washers, such as: Fighting Corrosion, Staining and Rust with Professional and Affordable Steel Shims

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