Summary. Shims for alignment, particularly heavy-duty truck alignment shims, are crucial for ensuring machinery and vehicle efficiency. Stephens Gaskets, experts in this field, provide these shims to enhance vehicle performance, reduce maintenance needs, and correct wheel misalignments in various automotive applications.


Alignment shims are a small, low-density piece of material that has been strategically cut to make parts fit together. Through a specific design process, shims for alignment can support machinery in reaching optimum performance. Applications will function effectively, ensuring that components are align consistently. When we focus on heavy duty truck alignment shims, it’s a similar concept.

Drivers are given confidence that large vehicles are able to transport heavy loads efficiently and without fault. But, how? This article will outline the main benefits of these shims to understand their vital role in keeping operations running smoothly. At Stephens Gaskets, we’re a leading alignment shims supplier in the West Midlands. Through decades of experience in our field, we can optimise your vehicles for reliability and capability.

Why Use Alignment Shims?

Shims for alignment improve both the sound and functionality of a vehicle. Vibrations, buzzing, and all other noises that signify the misplacement of components are significantly reduced. Furthermore, they resolve unwanted friction and gaps between parts. Consequently, van, car and heavy duty truck alignment shims are the answer to a longer lifespan for a vehicle, lessening the need for maintenance and replacement.

The Main Uses

Alignment shims are most often in use in the automotive sector to change cambers and casters. Over time, a vehicle’s wheels misalign, causing the performance of the wheels to dampen, which is both dangerous and costly. How do wheel alignment shims work? While misalignment is often inevitable, shims can be inserted into the appropriate place to reduce the metal distortion and warping.

This same process is undergone for any type of machine that is in use regularly. If applications are left unchecked, misalignment can cause further damage to components, making the fault even more detrimental to the overall device.

Why Alignment Shims?

They are sought after due to their immediate and effective results. Alignment is crucial for all types of machinery, which is why a rapid correction is required when faults appear. Their clean and flat structure can vary in densities depending on the machine’s needs. Because of this, alignment shims are versatile for a range of automotive vehicles, including heavy duty trucks. Here at SG, we offer a custom shim service, producing components to precisely suit our client’s needs.

Shims From Stephens Gaskets

As leading shim manufacturers, we can act fast and efficiently so that your automotive operations continue to run smoothly. Here at Stephens Gaskets, we pride ourselves on delivering a matchless service that’ll always have your business’s best interests at heart. We can meet all batch sizes and specifications in our bespoke shim service.

Known for our high standards in quality and accuracy, we will always aim to meet your needs. Whether you require a range of materials or a precise design, we have the expertise and the resources to complete the project. Get in touch with us today on 0121 544 5808, and we can discuss your requirements for heavy duty truck alignment shims further. Additionally, for more information on shims, you may want to read a previous blog: Different Types Of Shims | Getting The Right Shim For The Right Job

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