Life is full of small, yet vital things, including our precision shim washers. If you take a moment to look around your own house, from your kitchen to your bedroom and all rooms in between, you’ll quickly realise that every appliance and piece of furniture is made up of small components that, if they weren’t there, might compromise the functions of the items. If you’ve ever constructed a piece of flat pack furniture, you’ll know just how important those small components are. There can be few feelings worse than completing a flat-pack and realising you have a piece of dowelling, a screw or nut or bolt left over.  You either have to start over again or live with an irritating rattle every time you move your wardrobe, or a slight (yet annoying) slant to your chest of drawers! Of course, the same principle is applied to all manner of machinery and larger constructions, too, and as such, items like precision shim washers can make all the difference. Every day, millions of precision shim washers are used in the construction of every imaginable structure or appliance, for the simple reason that these small pieces help things run a little more smoothly, or sit a little more sturdily.

Precision shim washers- What are they?

Essentially, precision shim washers are small items which can be made from several different materials to a specific size and shape. Their function is an important one.  They fill gaps and spaces between components or parts of a structure to increase sturdiness and solidity. These spacers or washers allow appliances or components to fit better, and can help provide a level surface to be built on, or add additional support for an object in order to help it perform its function more safely and reliably.

Flexibility and reliability

Precision shim washers can be made to highly precise specifications. On the one hand, this refers to size. Precision shim washers are easily produced in bulk in a wide variety of sizes and widths, usually ranging from 0.1 millimetres to one millimetre in thickness, depending on how strong and durable they are required to be. As well as this, precision shim washers can be produced in a wide array of different materials, in order to blend seamlessly with the other components, or due to the different properties each material provides. This include metals such as aluminium and brass, but also materials such as rubber, leather, foam, felt and many types of plastic.

Why not find out more today about how your products can benefit from our precision shim washers, made to match your precise specifications?

Call us now on 0121 544 5808. To read about our shim washer stock go to our previous blog update on Shim Washer Stock.

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