Summary. As leading nickel shims suppliers, we offer top-quality nickel shim stock to enhance machinery performance and reduce wear, ensuring optimal operation and durability. Our precision-engineered shims ensure alignment and compensate for wear, crucial for heavy-duty industries.


Nickel shims are thin pieces of nickel that are rounded and designed to perfectly fit between two elements found within a machine. Specially modified to be inserted with ease, our nickel shim stock can instantly enhance the overall running of an application. This minimises maintenance and replacement. As one of the only nickel shims suppliers in the West Midlands, we pride ourselves on producing only A-class nickel shims.

But, what can introducing our nickel shims into your business do for its operations? There are many advantages and reasonings behind nickel shims, which is what we are going to discuss in today’s article.

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The Uses of Nickel Shims

While we have addressed that nickel shims are to be used in types of machinery, what exactly do they accomplish when inserted? See below for a closer insight.

Tolerance Compensation

Machining tolerance refers to the limited variance in all dimensions of a part. Commonly known as dimensional accuracy, our nickel shim stock can counteract gaps and areas that have worn due to extreme use.

Alignment Accuracy

In every type of machine, each internal element is specifically designed to fit in conjunction with one another. This way, machines continuously run smoothly and optimally. However, similarly to the above, high volumes of usage can impact the alignment, which is why nickel shim suppliers such as ourselves have engineered this product to avoid interruption of motion and use.

Wear Compensation

Again, the wearing of parts is a major constraint for machinery. Within any industry, the tools and technology are used frequently, and sometimes even constantly. Because of this, signs of wear are inevitable. With that in mind, machinery must be checked regularly to ensure such applications are not or close to being at fault.

By working in partnership with Stephens Gaskets, we can provide you with nickel shim stock in large quantities. This way, when examining the applications for fault, you are prepared to deal with such implications using nickel shims.

The Benefits of Nickel Shims

Although the above are all major factors in why nickel shims are so crucial, it is not where the benefits end. In fact, as specialist nickel shims suppliers, we have perfected our manufacturing process to produce the finest shims and gaskets on the market. Why use nickel for shims? Our nickel shims offer matchless quality in both strength and durability.

Not to mention, impeccable resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. All of these benefits combined are why these components are suitable for so many sectors. Such as manufacturing and enduring, two industries that endure heavy operations.

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Stephens Gaskets: The Number One Nickel Shim Provider

If you’re looking for the very best shim manufacturer in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is our nickel shim stock incomparable in their efforts to maximise the longevity of machinery, but they are provided by a team who offers immaculate customer service. This way, we guarantee a positive experience from concept to completion.

Are you looking for shim stockists in West Midlands? Get in touch with us today on 0121 544 5808.

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