Summary. As a top supplier, we excel in producing Nitrile Rubber Washers, recognised for their resistance to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. These washers are durable and prevent oxidation, making them ideal for the automotive and hospitality industries. Our customised services cater to all business sizes, ensuring quality and cost-effective solutions.


Nitrile rubber washers are one of the most versatile and essential components for all types of machinery. As leading nitrile washer suppliers, we understand the complexity and effectiveness of these elements. Throughout this article, we will depict the key benefits of nitrile rubber washers and how they can optimise your business’s productivity and costs.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing nitrile washers in every shape, size and configuration. Moreover, ensuring we can adhere to our client’s needs, no matter what they may be. Not to mention, our bespoke services offer affordability to all sized companies. Continue reading to find out more about nitrile washers and how as leading washer suppliers, we can assist you.

Benefits Of Nitrile Rubber Washers

First and foremost, nitrile washers offer unique properties that cannot be seen in other materials such as copper. Here are a few examples:

Are Nitrile Washers Resistant?

Their compatibility with fuels, fats and other substances ensures that components are resistant to corrosion. Even the simplest nitrile rubber washers continue to function optimally when in contact with water, acid, petrol and gas. This sets nitrile rubber washers apart from other materials that corrode, degrade or fail altogether in the same conditions.

Can Nitrile Washers Stand Extreme Temperatures?

Can nitrile washers withstand high temperatures? Furthermore, they’re suitable for use in extreme temperatures. In fact, they can be used in temperatures between -40 degrees and +120 degrees centigrade. Because of the material’s unique resistance to both temperatures and harmful substances, some of the most common industries that benefit from nitrile rubber washers are the hospitality, automotive and gastronomy sectors.

Can Nitrile Washers Oxidise? 

Additionally to the above, nitrile rubber washers offer excellent resistance to the system of oxidation. Unlike stainless steel, which is prone to oxidising, nitrile washers remain in formation when in contact with oxygen, giving them even further versatility. Again, this ensures that components stay in complete working order in all conditions.

Are Nitrile Washers Durable?

Lastly, nitrile rubber washers are long-lasting and robust. As an incredibly durable material, they are immediately reliable. Nitrile rubber washers guarantee the avoidance of loosening adjoined parts due to their longevity and toughness. Not to mention, through our custom-made service, we strengthen elements even further due to abiding to strict measurements.

Washers From Stephen Gaskets

Here at Stephens Gaskets, we are renowned Nitrile Washer Suppliers in the West Midlands. We pride ourselves on meeting the exact requirements of our clients. We understand that such major industries require optimum quality and endurant components, and we endeavour to provide our clients with nothing less.

Since 1947, we have manufactured washers, shims and gaskets, amongst other parts, in a matchless fashion. Unbeatable in our industry, we strive to deliver our clients with components that maximise performance while also upholding exceptional customer service. We strive to satisfy our clients and guide them through our entire process from concept to completion.

For further information on our nitrile rubber washers and how they can benefit your next project, get in touch with us today on 0121 544 5808 and we’ll answer your query.

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