With over forty years in the industry, Stephens Gaskets has become a well-established company supplying mechanical solutions worldwide. We are proud to supply components to some of the world’s most vital sectors including the rail, automotive and bike industries.


Finest Quality Materials

Our shim washers and gaskets are made with passion and skill of an experienced and dedicated team and we can guarantee quality and consistency runs through each and every product we produce. We are proud to maintain strong relationships with all of our suppliers, which enables us to work with only the finest quality materials and resources such as stainless steel, brass, copper and rubber.


Do I Need a Shim Washer?

The inside of a mechanical device or piece of machinery can be a complex place and often it can be hard to decide what should and shouldn’t be there. If you spot a gap between two different components that have a loose fitting alignment, you may wish to consider a shim washer. Gaps inside the machinery can sometimes lead to the components moving around and potentially hitting into each other. This type of movement can cause friction damage and general wear and tear, potentially jeopardising the safety and lifespan of the device.


Make Your Machinery Safe and Efficient

Placing a shim washer into the space will fill the gap, creating a tighter fitting alignment of the components – ensuring everything is going to run safely and efficiently. Here at Stephens Gaskets, we can produce all sorts of shim washers including DIN 988 stainless steel shim washers.


What is DIN 988?

Our DIN 988 stainless steel shim washers are made using the highest quality stainless steel sourced from trusted suppliers to enable us to meet the DIN 988 globally recognised specifications. Using stainless steel to make our shim washers ensures we are creating mechanical components that boast strength, durability and reliability – three vital factors that components should possess. Using stainless steel guarantees a weather and corrosion resistant part, which is going to offer maximum protection to the inside of your device.

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