As leading shim washer and custom shim washers suppliers, here at Stephens Gaskets we are certainly no stranger to mechanical components. We specialise in the design and production of shims, washer and gaskets and strive to offer the highest quality of products at extremely competitive prices. Shims are one of the most popular components purchased from our clients, and with a wide range to choose from you can rest assured you will find what you are looking for with us.


Shim Washers – What you need to know

There are hundreds of different alterations you can make on your mechanical device however before tampering with it, you should make sure that anything you add to it is going to benefit your project. Shim washers are small components that can prove extremely beneficial if you are looking to improve the aligned fittings between other parts inside your device. Gaps can often occur between different components which can lead to loosely fitted parts moving around inside. If these parts move around a lot, they can cause friction damage and wear and tear inside your project – potentially making it unsafe to use. Fitting a shim in place of the gap means there is no room for unnecessary movement, ensuring everything stays put.


The benefits of a Shim Washer

Once a shim is fitted, the risk of damage and safety jeopardy of your project is minimised. Designed to optimise the performance and protection of project’s interior, fitting a shim inside the device can help save money down the line, and provide you with the reassurance that everything is running smoothly internally.


Custom shim washers at Stephens Gaskets

In addition to our pre-cut shim washers UK, we also offer custom shim washers to our customers. As an established shim washer manufacturer, we understand that sometimes you may need a specific type of washer that might not be available in our pre-cut shim selection. In order to make sure we can meet your requirements, our bespoke service is on hand to create custom made shims made to the exact required measurements. Using highly powerful and accurate laser cutters, this advanced form of manufacturing can cut shims to even the most intricate of sizes fast and efficiently but without compromising on quality and value.


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