Summary. Stephens Gaskets are leading gasket manufacturers in Birmingham, UK. We deliver premium solutions tailored to varied industrial needs. Focusing on temperature, chemical compatibility, and pressure, we ensure optimal gasket choice to combat any mishaps. Leveraging 70 years of experience, we provide expert advice for your gasket needs.


Stephens Gaskets are leading gasket Manufacturers, based in Birmingham, UK. There are many materials of gaskets with can be chosen depending on the application. Gaskets are pieces of material that sit in-between two other surfaces, under compression to create a static seal. The material selected needs to be suitable for sealing mating surfaces, appropriate for the temperatures and pressures and able to withstand the medium being sealed.

Choosing The Right Gasket Material

There are several key questions you need to ask when choosing the right gasket material to deliver the best possible solution.

  • Is the gasket going to seal gases or liquids or both?
  • Is the gasket designed to insulate or conduct heat?
  • What is the chemical composition of the substances being transported?
  • Is the gasket designed to insulate or conduct electricity?
  • Will the gasket have to cope with EMR, as well as static electricity and / or electrical discharge?

In simple terms, different gaskets have different properties depending what the device is going to be used for. Some gaskets, for example, are not suitable for high temperatures, so this automatically eliminates some product.  

3 Most Important Factors

The three most important factors to consider are: Temperature, chemical compatibility and pressure.


This is possibly the most important factor. If the gasket is exposed to either extreme high or low temperatures it could lead to significant problems. For example, when rubber is exposed to low temperatures it can become very brittle and can crack. In contrast, when rubber is exposed to extreme high temperatures it can become flammable and ignite. 

Chemical Compatibility

If the gasket is going to be exposed to aggressive chemicals, such as strong acids or alkalis. In this situation you will want to know which chemicals are present; and make sure that you are using a gasket with the right chemical resistance or compatibility.


The pressure that the gasket needs to withstand is a determining factor when choosing a gasket. If the gasket is going to be exposed to continuous cycling, changes in pressure or extreme pressure it would make sense to choose a more robust gasket material.

Gasket Manufacturers In Birmingham, UK

Choosing the correct gasket for a given process or application should mitigate any avoidable mishaps that can occur. Choosing a gasket supplier you can trust will also give you peace of mind. Stephens Gaskets in the West Midlands can guarantee the gasket quality you need.

As gasket manufacturers in the UK, we have many materials to choose from to suit all your needs. In addition, with an astounding 70 years of being gasket suppliers we can answer any questions you might have.

If you have a technical question about choosing the right gasket or gasket materials, then please CONTACT US for expert help and advice.   You might also like to read our previous blog on brass foil.


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