At Stephens Gaskets, we are a shim washer manufacturer that specialises in both pre-made and bespoke shim production. While both types share the same purpose, when we compare metric shim washers with those purchased on the high street, there is a significant difference in the effectiveness of the part. Whether we focus on the quality or the compatibility, it’s identifying which suits your application.

Today, we’re going to discuss metric shims and outline the key differences between these. As well as the standard shims that are accessible to everybody. By differentiating the two, you can gain a clear understanding of what type suits your project. We pride ourselves on producing the finest metal parts on the market, but we do this once we have distinguished our clients’ needs first.


What are metric shim washers?

The definition of metrics is the system or standards of measurement. The same applies to metric shim washers. Each and every one of our shims are designed and produced to strict measurements; giving them suitability for a range of machinery or equipment. Our bespoke shim washer service allows clients to determine these dimensions during the design process.

On the other hand, our pre-cut shims are created using universal guidelines. Making them compatible with a range of applications that often share the same specifications. Those found in high street shops will offer the same well-rounded approach. This is because they’re standardised and made as a quick fix in most cases.


Why choose bespoke shims?

There are several reasons why bespoke shims are often favoured over pre-made. See below for more information.


Guaranteed Compatibility

When metric shim washers are customised exactly to the client’s specifications, we offer a complete guarantee of compatibility. During the initial consultation, a team member will learn more about your needs. As well as gather all measurements required to resolve your issues or keep machines smoothly running.

Once your shim washer stockists have these numbers, using state-of-the-art machinery, including mass-production laser-cutters, we can intricately produce shim parts through a strictly controlled process. Therefore, parts will be created with your sole purpose in mind.


Long-Term Effectiveness

Leading on from the last point, once you have completely compatible shims, you are given peace of mind that applications will function optimally. Although our pre-cut shims are highly effective in fixing a number of issues such as imbalance, vibrations or leakages, if your needs are unique, we cannot guarantee that shims won’t be a little off on the measurements.

Therefore, you may find that over a shorter amount of time, the same issue arises. That’s why bespoke shims offer you a fail-safe solution to such problems. They’re designed specifically for that purpose, and will therefore upkeep the same performance unless tampered with.


Metric Shim Washers From Stephens Gaskets

We strive to produce matchless quality metric shim washers at our site in Oldbury. By using durable, performance-enhancing and aesthetically pleasing metals, we give our clients confidence that machines and equipment have the best chances of working optimally.

We are an expert shim washer manufacturer in Birmingham. To find out more and to learn your options, contact us today via email at

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