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Klinger washers are often referred to as compressed fibre washers, and are so named as they were pioneered by Klinger, the world’s leading developer of sealing products. Before Klinger washers, similar products were available which were asbestos-based, but the compressed fibre used in Klinger washers is completely free of asbestos, making it the ideal material for the modern age.

Modern day compressed fibre washers consist of a mixture of aramid glass and rubber fibres, and are often used to seal against liquids, gases and solvents. In practical terms, they are most often used in industrial and marine applications, including diesel engines and oil pipelines, making them a vital part of many industries.

Compressed fibre offers many unique properties, including the ability to sustain high levels of pressure, air, water, chemical and salt resistance, and superb load bearing properties. With some grades of Klinger washers being able to withstand operating temperatures of 400 degrees celsius, it’s indisputable that this is an incredibly versatile and robust material. In fact, aramid fibres have no melting point, and often don’t even begin to degrade until they reach 500 degrees celsius. They’re also resistant to abrasion, are non-conductive and offer low flammability.

A number of dimensions and thicknesses are available, both in standard and bespoke measurements to suit your particular requirements. The synthetic nature of Klinger washers means that we are able to manufacture them in any dimension or thickness you might require, and we would be more than happy to help discuss your requirements.

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