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Various Gauges/Thicknesses

Ring shims (Precision Washers), CS4 stainless steel shims, brass shims and plastic shims from close tolerance materials, cut to meet drawing requirements or samples, hundreds of sizes available from in-house tooling. Standard and non-standard sizes are our speciality. Small / large quantities with a fast turnaround No batch too small.

Large Volume Ring Shims

Where stock tooling is not available we can manufacture dedicated tooling to meet drawing requirements and provide PPAP quality levels supplying to spot ordering or scheduled requirements.


  • .05mm to 1.5mm thick
  • Brass CZ108 H/H Grade
  • CS4 Hard Bright Mild Steel
  • Copper C101 H/H Grade
  • Stainless Steel 304 H/H Grade
  • Polyester Plastic
  • Gasket Materials
  • Aluminum

Also available – low volume custom made shims

If you have any questions regarding our ring shims, stainless steel shim washers or brass washers please contact us now.

Here at Stephens Gaskets we are proud to offer a variety of Ring Shims, also known as Precision Washers. These high quality, custom made Ring Shims are available in CS4 stainless steel, 304 H/H grade stainless steel, Novus and other gasket materials, C101 H/H grade copper, Cz108 H/H grade brass, aluminium and high performance polyester plastic. We can manufacture Precision Washers in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.05mm to 1.5mm.

Because Stephens Gaskets have been producing washers, shims, and gaskets for nearly seventy years, you know you can trust us to manufacture a wide range of well-made Ring Shims, designed specifically to meet your needs. Stephens Gaskets create Precision Washers to a quality you can trust, based on many years of experience of catering to every kind of industry.

Our dedicated staff can work with a wide range of close tolerance materials to create Ring Shims in hundreds of sizes based on your individual requirements. Standard and non-standard sizes are our particular speciality.

We can produce both high and low volume custom made Ring Shims – there’s no end to what we can do! Just send us your specifications and we’ll get right on it. With worldwide delivery and a swift turnaround, we can cater for any size of order, from small-scale to large-scale batches. In-house tooling means we can offer dedicated tooling, even where stock tooling is not available, meaning we can meet PPAP quality levels even when supplying to spot ordering, drawing requirements or scheduled requirements.

If you want more information about our Ring Shims, Stainless Steel Washers or Brass Washers (or about any of our other high quality products), please don’t hesitate to get in touch today with our friendly and dedicated team, who will be more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

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