Summary. As leading Steel Shims UK suppliers, Stephens Gaskets delivers unmatched quality, boasting greater resistance to corrosion, rust, and staining. Professionals trust their durable, precisely-cut steel shims, underscoring the advantages of steel’s strength, longevity, and reliability over alternatives like copper.


At Stephens Gaskets, one of our most popular shim products that we supply in the UK is our range of steel shims. Our pre-cut steel shims offer a wide scope of benefits over alternative shims including greater resistance to corrosion, staining and rust. We pride ourselves in being steel shims suppliers of the highest standard.

Sourcing steel shims from UK manufactures will ensure that your pressed parts are going to have the greatest durability, lifespan and reliability. Attempting to make your own steel shims, although cheap, can often leave you with distorted, unreliable and uneven shims. Leaving it to the professionals saves you time and effort. We guarantee you are not let down when it comes to providing long lasting, high-quality performance.

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Professional and Affordable UK Manufacturer of Steel Shims

On a daily basis, professionals such as Stephen’s Gaskets produce hundreds of steel shims in the UK. They will be to the highest standards of thick and flat consistency, as well as accurate dimensions. We have a wide selection of pre-cut standard sizes of steel shims for you to choose from. But, in the unlikely event that you can’t find the size you’re looking for…Stephen’s Gaskets offers a bespoke manufacturing service, which can produce even the most complex shim designs.

All of our steel shims are available in various easy-to-transport packs and cans. We also manufacture shims in a range of other materials including rubber, leather, plastic, copper, brass, laminate and stainless steel. In particular, in comparison to normal steel, stainless steel contains more chromium which produces a passive film of chromium oxide on the steel surface. Therefore, acting as an additional preventative measure against corrosion and corrosion spreading into the metal’s internal structure.

What Are The Benefits of Steel?

As steel shim suppliers in the UK, we have the expertise to help you understand the benefits that steel has to offer.

Strength & Durability

Steel holds many properties that make it highly sought after for a number of purposes. Shim washer manufacturers rely on this material’s strength and versatility. As it contains a significant amount of chromium, it holds a natural protective layer that cannot be distorted or diminished.

Its robust characteristics also ensures that wear and tear are kept to a minimum. This impressive material holds its structure and integrity, even when an application involves motion.


This same protective layer also ensures maximum corrosion resistance. Not only will components have the protection against corrosion within a device or piece of machinery, but they’ll sustain their immaculate condition. Therefore, there is no risk of rusting, ensuring that maintenance and replacement won’t be necessary.

Furthermore, this fantastic material conducts electricity. Therefore, it is ideal for shims and gaskets built for electrical appliances.


By choosing us for your steel shims, you will be given immaculate precision. Steel is known for its quality. Therefore, it holds much greater potential, and with our expertise, we can produce a product that fits your needs exactly.

Why choose steel over other metals?

Shim suppliers in the UK, such as ourselves, offer a wide range of metals so that we meet all of the unique needs of our customers. When we compare steel with copper, for instance, we are met with a range of differences that can determine which material is right for you.

Steel vs Copper

Copper does hold high thermal and electrical conductivity, and is versatile due to its malleable structure that can be customised to all shapes and sizes. Therefore, copper is often in use for electronics and power generation. On the other hand, our steel shims in the UK make for an excellent all-around option.

Top Quality Solutions

While it isn’t easy to manipulate, its tough nature is matchless in performance. Therefore, you have a guarantee of a longer lifespan in applications due to steel components lasting much longer than other material options. Not to mention, you will see an instant uplift in the performance of a machine. Smooth running is offered immediately when choosing steel shim washer suppliers.

Stephen’s Gaskets: Leading UK Steel Shims Suppliers

Since 1947 we have been manufacturing a range of gaskets, shims and washers, and our product range continues to grow. Additionally, for flawless metal designs, our laser cutting service produces bespoke shims and foils perfectly for each client’s individual needs. We proudly offer worldwide delivery and speedy turnaround for all products.

For further information on any of our steel shims or our other products, contact us today on 0121 796 3049. Our knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you with your product requirements.

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