Summary. Stephens Gaskets, leading head gaskets manufacturers in the UK, ensure optimal engine temperature by producing quality head gaskets. We continuously innovate our technology, using materials like stainless steel and modern alternatives such as rubber and neoprene, to offer the best in UK head gaskets.


What Is A Head Gasket?

Whenever two surfaces, especially two metal surfaces meet in the car, there is probably a gasket. The gasket is made of softer material than the surrounding surfaces. It fills in the space between two parts that do not fit perfectly together. It creates a seal, which prevents liquids and gases from spilling into the wrong places. While gaskets are all over the car, the main one is the head gasket. The head gasket separates the cylinder head and the engine block, and prevents engine oil and coolant from mixing. As expert head gasket manufacturers in the UK, we know the importance of the head gasket. Therefore, we continually research and develop our head gasket technology to improve the efficiency of our gasket production.


Head Gaskets & Cooling

The head gasket plays a key role in maintaining the optimal temperature of the vehicle’s engine. If the engine overheats, it’s the head gasket that suffers the impact first. The head gasket seals the coolant channels between the cylinder head and engine block. Coolant then flows through the coolant channels after being cooled by the radiator, this in turn, cools the engine. The temperature of the engine is regulated by the thermostat, which ensures the engine is running at the optimal temperature. Should the head gasket, radiator or thermostat begin to fail, then the engine can quickly overheat which can cause big, expensive problems.


What Are Head Gaskets Made Of?

We make a head gasket from materials that can withstand various temperatures. It needs to function at extremely high temperatures whilst also enduring the extreme pressures of the engine. A head gasket also needs to be resistant to the affects of air, oil and coolant at variable temperatures whilst having no reaction to any chemicals found in the engine. Different engine designs require a different head gasket that meets the performance needs of the engine.

Years of testing have shown that there are a number of materials that can be in use to create a suitable head gasket. But, stainless steel is still the most common material. Due to advances in modern head gasket research, chemically created compositions such as rubber, neoprene and cork have started to emerge as alternatives to the more traditional materials used.

Head Gaskets Manufacturers In The UK

So if you are looking for a reliable, capable company to source head gaskets for sale, then you should contact us to find out what we can do for you.  You might also like to read our previous blog: Are You Looking For Head Gasket Material?


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