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Tapered washers is just one of many quality products we produce here at Stephens Gaskets, a leading manufacturer of shims and washers. We are proud to stock a wide variety of bespoke and non-bespoke washers. Everything we produce is made fromtop quality material using our state-of- the-art machinery and the skills of ourexperienced team members.

Like most washers, Tapered washers are designed to be used in conjunction with other bolting products such as shims, to provide a flat surface underneath fastener heads, which can then help prevent wearing on the component. Tapered washers are a specific type of washer designed to be used underneath nuts with tapered flanges to enable bolts to fit square once tightened.

All of our washers here at Stephens Gaskets are made by our team of skilled experts, using top-grade materials to ensure quality, consistency and durability throughout every single product we manufacture. We aim to cater to as many different people as we can, which is why Tapered washers aren’t the only type of washer we supply; we also provide washers in stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, brass, copper, rubber and many other materials. All of our products can be used for both commercial and industrial uses, and can be purchased in small and large batches.

Established back in 1947, it’s safe to say that Stephens Gaskets has plenty of experience manufacturing fit-for- purpose components that serve our customers well. Our team are dedicated to not only maintaining the high standards we have here, but to also working on developments so that as a company, we can still continue to grow as we have been doing for the last fifty years. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our products and services, and work hard to uphold strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure we have access to only the best materials and machinery to work with.

Over five decades in this industry has enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding into shims, washers and gaskets which in turn, has led us to become a well- established and trusted supplier to a wide range of different industries, including the automotive and aerospace industries. We are proud to be able to cater to some of the world’s most important industries, and use this as a basis to continue developing our list of materials and equipment we work with.

All of our products are manufactured on site, which is based in the West Midlands, but we’re delighted to be able to supply to people and businesses all over the world. We offer a quick turnaround service alongside extremely competitive prices for all of our quality goods, which are usually available in many different variations of sizes, thicknesses and materials. If a generic measurement does not meet your requirements however, our bespoke service is also on hand to tailor our products more specifically to our customer’s needs  there really is something for everyone here at Stephens Gaskets.

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