Plastic Shim Washers UK

Plastic shim washers are used in a broad range of applications due to its vast properties.  Overall, plastics are durable materials with an extensive range of temperature tolerances, which makes them a great all-round shim solution. Plastic can also be a very cost effective when it comes to shim washer production.

Stephens Gaskets, shim washers manufacturer offers you what we believe are the top advantages of plastic shims.

1. Durable

Plastic shim washers are extremely durable, most plastic compounds even show resistance to corrosive materials such as fuel and oil and are low-friction.  As a result, they are long wearing and do not corrode or deteriorate. In addition, it is waterproof therefore will not absorb moisture.

2. Variety

Plastic shims come in a wide range of sizes and thickness to fit a wide assortment of applications. In addition, we offer different styles and a bespoke manufacturing service.

  1. High Standards

At Stephens Gaskets we only manufacture and deliver the highest standard of product. All of our shim washer production processes comply with the necessary standards to ensure that they reach adequate compression strength. We test all of our shims to guarantee that they live up to the highest standards.

4. Adaptable

Another great benefit to plastic shim washers is adaptability. You can trim and manipulate plastic shims, which offers a greater range of applications. Although, here at Stephens Gaskets we offer a customisation service, which means we can accommodate your requirements, no matter what.

Possible Applications for Plastic Shims

Plastics are a low-cost, versatile material for shim washers, and are one of the most common materials used for washers. Some industrial applications are:


  • Construction – Washers used to help secure bolts or nuts, or to provide spacers to help secure fasteners.  They are also used when between metals at a join to protect them and protect the join from rust.
  • Compressor – Washers to join metal components, protecting them from rust and other corrosion.
  • Material Handling – High-wear washers for components that require low-friction operation.
  • Petrochemical – Washers for equipment exposed to corrosive materials, or in high-wear parts.


At Stephens Gaskets we offer a wide variety of plastic shim washers in different thicknesses and styles to meet your needs. As experts in the various applications of plastics we ensure that customers receive products of the highest quality. Browse through our assortment on our website and contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.  You might also like to read our previous blog on Plastic Injection Moulds

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