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The Klinger company pioneered the development of compressed fibre gaskets, otherwise known as Klinger gaskets and since then the name has been synonymous with the product, much the same as the brand names of Hoover, Aspirin and Sellotape have become generic terms for their products. To many, though, they are simply known as compressed fibre gaskets.



Compressed fibre gaskets, or Klinger gaskets, are manufactured using a carefully constructed blend of both rubber fibres and aramid glass, which gives them a malleable consistency whilst remaining waterproof and resistant to a number of materials. It is this wide range of impressive properties which makes Klinger gaskets the material of choice in a number of industries and applications, including the marine industry and in major international oil pipelines.


Resistant to Temperatures Above 400 Degrees Celsius

Not only is compressed fibre waterproof and highly malleable, but it also offers load bearing properties which are simply unrivalled elsewhere. It’s resistant to air, water and a number of common chemicals as well as being resistant to temperatures well in excess of 400 degrees celsius, fire resistant and a wholly non-conductive material. Put simply, compressed fibre Klinger gaskets are almost indestructible.


Klinger Gaskets at Stephens Gaskets

Compressed fibre gaskets aren’t the only things which are at the top of their game, though. Stephens Gaskets was established in 1947 and we have been the leading provider of washers and gaskets ever since, with an unrivalled quality in customer service and experience.


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We are extremely proud to be ISO 9001 : 2000 accredited and our products are bought by customers all over the United Kingdom and, indeed, from right across the world. It’s not just our customers who are highly valued: we demand that every employee’s contribution is highly valued, making for a positive working environment and an efficient and professional experience which extends to you, the end customer.


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