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A gasket, loosely defined, is a mechanical seal designed to fill the space between two surfaces, intended to prevent leakage or seepage either into or out of the joint between the two surfaces. For example, where two solid metal surfaces meet — a join in a pipe, for example — the seal can never be perfect or ensure that no liquid or gas will escape or enter the joint. A gasket fills that gap, so to speak.

Gaskets are particularly useful in exhausts, which are generally made up of a number of different sections. In vehicles it is particularly vital that effective gaskets are used, as otherwise exhaust fumes can escape into places they’re not wanted, such as the passenger cabin or into the environment before having passed through the catalytic converter, meaning that the vehicle would be considered unroadworthy.

Gaskets can be made of any number of materials, with solid material gaskets often being made from sheet metal. Exhaust gaskets, in particular, are generally made of steel or copper, particularly at the head gasket — the gasket which is used in the joint between the engine block and the cylinder head. Older technology tended to rely on composite materials of asbestos or graphite, but these were particularly prone to blow-outs.

If exhaust gaskets are left to degrade, gases can leak through imperfections and cause it to have to be replaced. In more extreme circumstances, a gasket can blow, particularly if it is made of aluminium, which has a high thermal expansion rate, with damage being caused to the engine block. This can be very expensive to repair, so regular maintenance and care is recommended. Head gaskets, in particular, should only be fitted professionally as they need to be tightened to a particular torque using a torque wrench, else complete head gasket failure could occur.

Exhaust Gaskets Available

We can provide gaskets for any part of the exhaust system, in a range of different sizes and gauges. We can usually offer bespoke exhaust gaskets fittings where required, too, so please do contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our strategic location in the West Midlands means that we are perfectly placed to supply all parts of the United Kingdom and further afield.

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