Summary. As leading Klinger gaskets suppliers and manufacturers, Stephens Gaskets specializes in offering KLINGERSIL® C-4106, a sealing material combining synthetic fibres and cork. This material is renowned for its adaptability across various industries, particularly automotive, due to its resistance to oils, fuels, hydrocarbons, and water. The C-4106 variant is highly compatible with different machine models and excels in sealing irregular flanges, making it a straightforward, high-quality choice for diverse sealing needs.


Here at Stephens Gaskets, we pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading Klinger gaskets suppliers and manufacturers. Through our extensive selection of gasket materials, we can deliver every type of project with optimum performance. KLINGERSIL® is a particular material that we trust in a variety of industries.

Today’s article will focus on KLINGERSIL® C-4106. This KLINGERSIL® variation that uses synthetic fibres and cork to create an unmatchable sealing material. We will help you understand its benefits and how these rubber-based gaskets can optimise your applications.

What Is KLINGERSIL® C-4106?

The KLINGERSIL family consists of several components made out of various materials to suit a range of machinery and apparatus’ sealing. The C-4106 is notably known for its versatility for many industries. Made from a combination of synthetic fibres and cork before being bonded with nitrile rubber binder. The parts offer a unique and impeccable sealing power that demonstrates incredible resistance and low surface pressure conformity.

The Benefits Of KLINGERSIL® C-4106

As dominant Klinger gaskets suppliers, we know first-hand what the benefits are to our products. The KLINGERSIL® C-4106 holds several benefits, including the following:

1. Superior Adaptability

As previously mentioned, the C-4106 can adapt to suit equipment found in various industries. For instance, specifically the automotive due to its high resistance to oils, fuels, hydrocarbons and water, amongst other compounds. Its exquisite versatile performance makes it one of the most sought after sealants on the market.

2. Seals Irregular Flanges

The KLINGERSIL® C-4106’s configuration also allows for seamless compatibility with applications that involve uneven flanges. How does KLINGERSIL® help with uneven flanges? Improper configurement of flanges can cause unequal gasket compression. But, the C-4106’s properties ensure levelling and working order.

3. High Compatibility

What is KLINGERSIL® C-4106 compatible with? These sealant components easily conform to a number of machine models. Consequently, specialists are able to manipulate the C-4106’s materials to offer a guaranteed high working manner.

4. Straightforward Sealant

Our knowledge from being renowned Klinger gaskets suppliers means that we have a wealth of knowledge of the processes that come hand in hand with such sealant methods. The KLINGERSIL® C-4106 is one of our most straightforward, stress-free and optimal quality gasket sealants, allowing us to offer a fantastic turnaround time.

5. Resistance Against Refrigerants 

What is the KLINGERSIL ® C-4106 resistant to? As stated above, the C-4106 offers extremely high resistance to oils, fuels, hydrocarbons and water, as well as refrigerants. Often found in air conditioning systems and heat pumps, refrigerant working fluids cannot damage the Klinger C-4106’s structure.

Stephens Gaskets | Klinger Gasket Suppliers 

With a wealth of knowledge under our belts, we have proudly become greatly noted as Klinger gaskets suppliers. We strive to execute the highest level of service and components to suit all fields. Therefore, if you’re looking for advice from the top Klinger gasket manufacturers in the West Midlands, we’re always on hand to offer you our expert guidance. Get in touch with us today at with your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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