Summary. Stephens Gaskets, grain oriented electrical steel sheet suppliers, excel in offering high-grade materials essential for efficient electrical transformers and generators. These steel sheets, known for their superior magnetic properties, are ideal for applications requiring seamless operation and energy efficiency. Stephens Gaskets ensures customer satisfaction through meticulous manufacturing processes and intensive testing, guaranteeing that their grain oriented electrical steels meet specific operational requirements and contribute to the optimal functioning of client projects.


Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES) is one of the most efficient aids for electrical transformers. In addition, the steels are available in a variety of grades to meet the requirements of high-performance generators. Stephens Gaskets are leading grain oriented electrical steels sheet suppliers in the West Midlands. Therefore, we are knowledgeable its’ benefits and why your business should opt for it in your next project.

Due to its superior magnetic nature, grain oriented electrical steels optimise such applications to operate seamlessly, especially in comparison to other metals. In this article, we’re going to depict the benefits of grain oriented electrical steels sheeting further. As well as, answer the much-asked question of what it is is in use for.

What is Grain Oriented Electrical Steel?

Grain oriented electrical steels are a vital material for the energy-efficient production of transformers and heavy-duty and optimum performance generators. It is in the form of punched, wound or laminated sheets. Additionally, it acts as the essential core material for such applications, using superior magnetic properties produced in the rolling direction of the grain.

The Benefits Of GOES

Energy Efficiency

What Are The Benefits Of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheets?

As mentioned above, this sheeting and strip material offers a high level of efficiency due to its silicon level of approximately 3%. During the processing of GOES, meticulous creation ensures the development of optimal magnetic properties in the rolling direction. Consequently, allowing for a longer-lasting and durable option compared to standard metals such as stainless steel.

Our grain oriented electrical steels suppliers achieve this level of attention, leading to more effective and compact designs, and subsequently, requiring less material in production.

Highly Effective

Grain oriented electrical steels offers both a high stacking factor and extreme magnetic properties, through a vigorously controlling production process. Manufacturers accomplish incomparable results by using high-silicon, hot-rolled coil feedstocks prior to secondary pre-crystallisation. As a result, allowing for immediate operation. In fact, grains have been known to grow to over 30mm because of such conditions.

What Does Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Do?

This sought after material enhances ease of winding within generators and transformers, improving productivity and reducing the need for consistent maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

As expert grain oriented electrical steel producers, we are confident in continuously meeting the needs of our clients. To achieve the same high standards of production, we measure each magnetic coil during the intensive testing process. After that, we form the metal sheet into the exact grade required. This allows you to stay confident that our electrical steel grades will immediately support your operations running smoothly.

GOES at Stephens Gaskets

Here at Stephens Gaskets, we pride ourselves on being some of the finest electrical steel producers in the industry. Our processes are focused and results-driven. Like you, we want your clients to be completely satisfied with the running of their applications. That’s why our bespoke service involves agreeing on measurements and, in this case, grades before production begins.

Do you need more information on grain oriented electrical steel sheets? Get in touch with Stephens Gaskets today on 0121 544 5808 or email us at As leading Suppliers of sheeting and strip material in the UK, we would be happy to help with any enquiry you have. You may also be interested in reading a previous blog: Using Neoprene Rubber Sheeting | A Quick Guide or Shim Steel Sheet Material | The Best Rates In Town

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