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Here at Stephens Gaskets we offer you the best in grain oriented electrical steels, with a range of grades guaranteed to fit your needs perfectly. But what are these steels and how are they produced?

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES) was developed to aid electrical transformers with being more efficient and more economical; this is achieved by the iron-silicon alloys providing low core loss and high permeability. They are available in several different grades, and as they have superior magnetic properties in the rolling direction of the grain, they are used in transformer cores, such as those used in large generators. The grains that are produced in this electrical steel mean they can be manufactured to make various electrical apparatus that are much more efficient compared to ones made out of other parts – such as regular stainless steel.

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel – how it’s made

Grain oriented electrical steels must be processed under extremely controlled conditions in order to develop the superior magnetic characteristic in the rolling direction of the grain and also to achieve a high stacking factor. This complex process of production relies on a high-silicon hot-rolled coil feedstock, before progressing onto a secondary re-crystallisation process, where some of the grains will grow to over 30mm. The magnetic properties of each coil are measured in the final vigorous testing process, where the coils are made into the correct grade needed for the customer.

The surface of grain oriented silicon steel is a glass-like film, and this provides the electrical insulation needed between wound core laps or transformer laminations. It differs to stainless steel in that grain oriented steel is actually sold on the basis of its magnetic properties, as well as its electrical properties. For this reason, these types of steel are also used to manufacture reactors, as well as transformers of all sizes, including distribution transformers.

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