Summary. At Stephens Gaskets, brass shim washers and brass shim material are key offerings, known for their versatility and suitability across various industries. Brass shim washers, while a premium choice, provide unmatched quality and reliability, making them a cost-effective solution for enhancing projects. These washers are particularly beneficial due to their strength, resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures, electrical conductivity, aesthetic appeal, and recyclability, thus supporting diverse applications and promoting sustainable practices.


Shim washers can be manufactured in many types of materials. From aluminium shim washers for the food and drink industry to rubber shim washers for plumbing applications. However, one of the primary materials used is brass. A brass shim washer is undeniably one of the most versatile materials and accommodating component types available.

While they are on the higher-end of shim washers, this variant offers matchless quality and long-term reliability, subsequently making them affordable. As a renowned brass shim supplier at Stephen’s Gaskets, we are highly knowledgeable and experienced in shim manufacturing. Optimising applications found in all types of industries, a brass shim washer can be the answer to enhancing your projects to meet your consumers’ needs.

Continue reading to learn more about brass shim washers and why they are sought after.

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What Is A Brass Shim Washer Used For?

Brass is a metal alloy made of a zinc and copper combination that offers many advantageous properties. Brass shim washers are most commonly in use for applications that use low friction levels. For example, you will often see brass shim material being in use in plumbing, bearings, gears and electrical appliances.

This is due to the material’s resistance to sparking. When chemicals and explosive substances are involved, brass is highly favourable as sparks can be avoided entirely.


What Are The Benefits Of A Brass Shim Washer?

Now that we’ve covered what a brass shim washer is in use for, it’s time to determine why your applications would benefit from them.


Solid brass is unrivalled in its strength. Its robust exterior allows for consistent use without the need for regular maintenance. Applications that require hardware to fill in gaps and optimise operations long-term will benefit from this high level of strength and durability to continuously serve their purpose.


Additionally to their strength, brass shim washers are naturally resistant to most external factors, such as corrosion and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, brass shims bear no risk of water or chemical damage. In addition, they demonstrate impeccable electrical conductivity, hence their compatibility with appliances and other electricals.


Brass shim washers are both high-performing and aesthetically pleasing. There is no disputing that this metal type offers an elegant and timeless appearance. While this may not be a priority for your project, an appealing design can contribute to a neat and professional finish.


Are brass shim washers recyclable? Last but not least, a brass shim washer is particularly popular due to their recyclable nature. With this in mind, businesses are given added expendability and a low-costing solution to advancing applications. Not to mention, greener practices can support a business’s reputation significantly.

Get In Touch With Stephens Gaskets

Are you looking for brass shim washers in the UK? Here at Stephens Gaskets, we have decades of experience in mass-producing brass shim washers to meet the needs of our clients. We have a specialised and bespoke service. Therefore, we can support businesses in the smooth running of their operations by meeting their specific requirements and batch sizes.

If you’d like to learn more about how our brass shim washers are suitable for your business project, get in touch with us today on 0121 544 5808.

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