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Stephens Gaskets was established in 1947, in the Midlands. We have a long history of providing excellence in customer service to clients worldwide. For over fifty years, we’ve worked with customers from all walks of life, and from many different countries. Providing individuals and businesses with shim washers to meet their specifications. No matter how big or small the project, no matter how long or short the collaborations, we’ve managed to put in our accumulated skills and expertise into every order.


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Open to any Custom Orders

We ensure the client is happy, satisfied and interested in returning again and again. We specialise in classic and vintage cars, we provide parts for motorcycle clubs, and our services are used repeatedly by large, industrial companies working with and manufacturing diesel engines. Although much of our work is based around providing parts that are cut and made to specific sizes, thicknesses and shapes, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to take on a challenge. As such, we have always been open to custom orders, which require unusually shaped items made from our wide range of available materials.

What are Shim washers?

They are small pieces of metal used to fill spaces between mechanical parts, by filling this gap the parts can sit tightly together and function to their optimal ability. One of the items Stephens Gaskets specialises in is custom made shim washers. We have always believed that it is often the smallest things that can make a big difference, and we would definitely put this product into that category.

Prevent Machinery Problems

One of the problems many people face when it comes to engines, or other similar mechanisms, are those caused by small spaces or gaps between components. These are easily overlooked, but the presence of badly fitting parts or excess space within a machine are almost certain to cause significant problems over time. This is where ring shim washers can come in, and make all the difference. Another term for this product is referred to as support washers.

Reduce Vibrations

They are commonly used to fill excess gaps, particularly in bearing assemblies or any other application in which they are needed to take up excess space, and remove those gaps that can compromise the effectiveness of a mechanism. When gaps are filled, you will immediately notice a reduction in movement between components, or wear and erosion caused by two parts having direct contact with each other. This closing of gaps can reduce buzzing or vibration, and it will also enhance the effectiveness or productivity of a machine.

Extends the Lifespan of Machinery

When used effectively these small parts can also lengthen the lifespan of an engine or machine, and perhaps most importantly, it will allow you to rest a little more at ease in the knowledge that nothing is untoward.


Brass Shim Washers

Hard Wearing

Generally, this product is made of carbon spring steel, making them flexible and supportive at the same time, as well as being hard wearing. Carbon spring steel is highly durable, and has a longer lifespan and more ability to endure wear and impact than other, similar materials.

Expert Advice

As with most of our products, our washers are available to purchase in a number of different gauges and thicknesses, with a number of different internal and external diameters to suit your own individual requirements. We’d only be too happy to cast our expert eye and apply our experience and knowledge to your issue or project. We will share with you what we feel would be the best way to go forwards, and what type of washer will best fit your needs. We’re also very open to customisation, if necessary, and pride ourselves on our ability to make the most effective selections for our customers.

Minimise Cost and Time Constraints

They are used to absorb friction and tolerances between two different components. This can be absolutely vital when it comes to a machine with many moving parts, as it will protect the components from each other and allow everything to run more smoothly. Generally speaking, the different components don’t need to be specifically machined for a perfect fit, and as such, costs and time constraints are minimised. Our parts are the perfect answer when it comes to taking up any excess gaps where required.

Affordable and practical solutions

We know that productivity and effectiveness is as much a financial issue as it is a practical one. Nobody wants to have to repeatedly replace components, or waste their money on parts which aren’t going to last an adequate amount of time. We can guarantee strong products at Stephens Gaskets, also dramatically reduce maintenance and repair costs, as they can help to preserve the faces of the two components.

Reduce Wear and Tear

This means that over time, only the shims need to be replaced at intervals rather than the components themselves, as they will take the impact and wear of the mechanism, rather than the more expensive, complicated or hard to obtain parts. When you use appropriate shims in the correct way, you’ll find that you are reducing the costs of both maintenance and repairs, and giving yourself complete confidence in the application.

A dedication to customer service

You can also be assured of complete confidence in us. We are able to boast several decades of hard work, market knowledge and technical expertise, making us perfectly placed to be able to offer our experience and guidance, whatever your requirements may be. We’re also perfectly placed in a physical sense, with our headquarters strategically based in the West Midlands, ensuring that we can serve the whole of the UK – as well as the rest of the world — as efficiently as possible.

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Should you still require some assistance in the purchasing of our products, you can fill in our contact form or call us for further information on 0121 544 5808, where our dedicated customer services team will be more than happy to help in any way they can. If you have any further questions, or are interested in putting in an order, then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.



DIN 125 Shim Washers at Stephens Gaskets

Stephens Gaskets is one of the UK’s leading mechanical component producers, specialising in the design and production of bespoke and non-bespoke shims, washers and gaskets. Over forty years in the trade has enabled the team to become experienced experts in the industry, creating quality mechanical components that can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide. Our skills and knowledge has meant that we have developed profoundly as a company over the last few decades and we are proud to be in possession of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and resources in order to create high quality goods time and time again.

DIN 988 Stainless Steel Shim Washers | Components You Can Rely On

Stephens Gaskets is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the production of shims, washers and gaskets. As skilled manufacturers, we pride ourselves on creating both bespoke and non-bespoke mechanical components made from a wide selection of different materials. Using such a versatile range of materials here at Stephens Gaskets, ensures we can meet even the most complex of requirements, and provide solutions to some of the world’s most demanding industries.


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If you are looking to buy shim washers then Stephens Gaskets can definitely help. As leading UK suppliers and manufacturers we are proud to have the tools, skills and experience to provide solutions to a wide range of industries and applications – and at extremely competitive prices.

Quality Products Always

When purchasing it is important to make sure you are investing in a strong and reliable piece of equipment that can provide your product with the right support it needs. Our quality products are made using only the finest of materials and resources to ensure a consistent and quality performance each and every time.

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As experienced and established shim manufacturers, here at Stephens Gaskets we aim to be as flexible and as versatile as we can with our manufacturing services. We produce them in a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions, and work with a whole host of different materials including stainless steel, cork, brass, rubber and aluminium. We also have a bespoke service on hand ready to meet requirements that need more specific measurements so you can rest easy knowing that with Stephens Gaskets, you’ll find exactly what you need.

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