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Neoprene washers are made from a type of synthetic rubber, which has a number of different applications throughout the world due to its rather impressive properties. It’s often used in electrical insulation, fan belts and even laptop sleeves.

The material is highly prevalent in the leisure industry, with aquatics being one of its main uses. Neoprene is used in the manufacture of wetsuits and fly fishing waders, owing to its excellent insulation and waterproof properties. Foam neoprene is manufactured in such a way that it contains gas pockets, which means that the neoprene compresses under water pressure.

Neoprene doesn’t degrade as quickly or easily as natural or synthetic rubber, making it a far superior product for a number of uses. These properties make it ideal for applications such as hose coatings and, strangely enough, washers and gaskets!

Neoprene Washers- properties

Neoprene washers have a high burn point, around 260 degrees celsius, meaning that they resist burning far better than hydrocarbon-based rubbers and also provide good noise isolation properties.

We offer neoprene washers in both standard and self-sealing variants, both of which have their own merits and uses across the industry. In applications in which water is present and noise reduction is necessary, including many home appliances, neoprene is the ideal washer material owing to its superb sealing qualities and water resistance as well as its ability to provide excellent noise reduction when used as a buffer between other materials.

With high quality neoprene washers being able to last years — sometimes even decades — maintenance requirements are reduced, allowing you to have faith in confidence in the material without the extra worry of regular replacements.

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