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At Stephen Gaskets we are shim washer specialists. But what exactly is a shim washer? A shim washer is a piece of material that is thin and usually tapered or wedged. They are normally used to fill small spaces or other gaps between two objects, often supporting or levelling other objects. Shim washers are also a great object to use between two items to prevent large amounts of wear and tear. They can be made from many materials such as aluminium, brass, wood, cork, brass and many more.


High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity


Shim washers are often manufactured from copper, due to its unique properties. As a base chemical element, copper has very high thermal and electrical conductivity, and is also very soft and malleable in its pure form, making it ideal for applications in which customisation is a high priority.Copper shim washers are great for levelling, sealing and spacing applications. This is thanks to their soft and malleable structure. Other properties include fantastic corrosion resistance and the ability to conduct heat and electric. Copper is most often used in electronics, building construction, transportation and power generation, to help fill small spaces between component parts.


Large Stock Available


Here at Stephen’s Gaskets we manufacture a range of copper shim washer dimensions giving us the advantage of having large amounts of stock. This variety of measurements means we can supply to most industries and applications.


Copper Shim Washers- The natural Choice


When a shim needs to be able to conduct heat or electricity without the risk of great expansion in the material, copper is a natural choice. It is in the same group of the periodic table as silver and gold, and shares a number of attributes with these other metals. Over time, copper reacts with atmospheric oxygen (in contrast, it does not react with water) to develop a layer of copper oxide on the surface, which turns the metal into a brown colour. Older copper can develop layers of copper carbonate, which turns it green.


Many Industrial Uses


In industrial usage, copper made into shims will often not undergo these changes, and the copper used is often mixed with other metals in order to improve its properties depending on its specific usage. In its industrial form, copper is often used in electrical wiring, roofing, plumbing and machinery applications, and usually as a pure metal. When more hardness is required, it is used to cut alloys such as brass and bronze.

Ideal for High-Speed Communication Lines


These days, copper is a very valuable metal and has been highly sought after due to its rising value. Often, copper cabling is hijacked or stolen by criminals in order to melt it down and sell it on. Its usage, though, is increasingly common in broadband and telephony cabling because of its superior electrical conductivity over most other metals, making it ideal for high-speed communications lines and other telephony applications.



Copper Shim Washers To Order


Its superb qualities make copper an ideal material for the development of shim washers, and we stock copper shims in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of different applications. We also manufacture bespoke copper shim washers, so please do contact us to discuss your particular requirements.


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