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Various Gauges/Thicknesses

Shim Foil

Various Gauges/Thicknesses


At Stephens Gaskets we manufacture shim foil in a range of different materials.  These foils are precision strips which we supply in volume to order or bespoke for customers who only require a small number.

We pride ourselves on the quality of all the products we manufacture at Stephens Gaskets and, as with our shims and washers, our foils are of the highest quality backed by our ISO9001-2000.

So what is foil?


A foil is very thin malleable material that can be rolled, folded and hammered into finely cut strips and used in a wide range of industries, from engineering, defence and aerospace to food products, pharmaceuticals and household goods. All types of foil materials can be used for tooling, packaging and storage.

Foil also has a similar function to a shim – particularly with regards to machinery and heavy plant – when it is used to fit in to the space between two components. This ensures that engineered parts retain their longevity and quality while the foil or shim takes all the wear and tear. It also helps customers to cut down on their overheads, replacing cheap foil material rather than expensive engineered equipment.

Some of the foil material we produce includes:



Aluminium foils converted into thin sheets are rolled and folded and often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for packaging and storage.  A popular use for aluminium foils is to store products such as dairy or perishable foods without the need for refrigeration. Aluminium foil is also used for thermal insulation and commonly found in cable liners. Thickness ranges from 008mm to 2,00mm, while strip widths are 1.600 to 1250 mm. At Stephen’s Gaskets we also cut measures to fit customers the customer’s requirements.

Stainless Steel Foil


Similar to aluminium strips, Stainless Steel foil is manufactured into thin sheets. Our stainless foil sheet comes in various thicknesses from 0.005mm to 2.00mm. These finely honed sheets are resistant to staining and are low maintenance. Stainless steel foil is a popular product across a wide number of industries as it never rusts or corrodes when exposed to the elements, particularly water.

Copper Foil


Our copper foil strips typically range in thickness from 0.005 mm to 1 mm. Copper foil is used for products that include roofing, circuit boards and heat exchanging. Copper foil rolls are used for cable wraps, batteries, while copper sheet can be used in medical products and in the automotive industry.


Brass foil


Brass foil varies in thickness from 0.005 mm to 1 mm and comes in widths of 1mm to 230mm. It’s manufactured in the same way and to the same standards as other foil materials and is used in general engineering and in the electronics and electrical engineering sectors.


Competitive Pricing


At Stephens Gaskets we have many years of experience producing a huge range of shim foil material for customers in the UK and across the world. Our foil is of the highest standard and our pricing is very competitive.

If you’re looking for other products similar to foil materials, such as shims and washers, then have a chat with our experts. They’ll be able to inform you about the huge range we have of offer here at Stephens Gaskets.

For all your pressed part, foil and shim requirements please Contact us for a quotation.

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