Summary. With over 60 years as a leading exhaust gasket supplier, Stephens Gaskets offers an extensive range of durable exhaust gasket materials, including steel, brass, and copper. Prioritising longevity and efficiency, they serve the automotive and industrial sectors, ensuring safe vehicle operations by preventing harmful fume leakages.


With over 60 years’ worth of experience as an exhaust gasket supplier, we strive to maximise our what we offer to our clients. This includes our services and product range, as well as the extensive exhaust gasket material collection that’s available. Serving a wide client base within sectors such as the automotive and industrial, we understand the importance of using optimum-performing materials for longevity and efficiency.

Exhausts sometimes require a gasket to fill gaps within joints to prevent leakage of harmful fumes. Exhausts comprise several metallic sections, therefore effective sealing is vital for the safe running of a vehicle. When not built to a high standard, fumes can be released into the cabin and environment.

What exhaust gasket materials do we use?

Exhaust gasket manufacturers, such as ourselves, are knowledgeable on best practices when producing gaskets. For exhausts, a certain level of durability and strength is required due to regular use. Therefore, we tend to use sheet metal for our exhaust gasket materials, including steel, brass and copper.

Copper Exhaust Gaskets

Copper is heavily used by exhaust gasket suppliers due to its many advantageous properties. Most importantly, it’s highly durable and corrosion-resistant. As all vehicles withstand harsh weather conditions and the effects of the outdoors, these properties are paramount for exhaust gasket production. Our strip copper is also recyclable, which is ideal for eco-conscious manufacturers.

Steel Exhaust Gaskets

Steel also makes for a fantastic exhaust gasket material. Our strip steel holds extreme tensile strength, especially in comparison to any other metal. Its lifespan is matchless, and to make it even more appealing, it requires little maintenance. Steel is extremely versatile; manufacturers can manipulate this material to create even the most complex shapes.

Brass Exhaust Gaskets

Last but not least, brass exhaust gaskets are popular in the automotive industry. Our brass exhaust gasket material can achieve superior machinability. This low-cost material holds natural resistance to corrosion, eliminating the need for further finishing or surface coating enhancements.

Why choose us?

As a leading expert exhaust gasket supplier, we ensure to avoid the risks of faulty or degrading materials. Instead, we strive to use the most durable, robust and long-lasting materials available on the market today. Without this level of reliability, extreme cases of leaking can lead to the blowing of gaskets and the damaging of the engine block.

Let us help you avoid such circumstances that come with hefty expenses in repairs and replacements. We have an abundance of exhaust gasket materials that deliver both performance and aesthetics. While these can be found in our pre-cut selection that offers all standard sizing, we can also adhere to bespoke designs using our CAD system. Our tooling process is always thorough and achieves consistent quality, no matter how complex the part is.

Get in Touch with Stephens Gaskets!

If we sound like a good fit for you, get in touch with our team today. Our contact number is 0121 544 5808 or you can email us at if you’d like more information on our exhaust gasket manufacturing processes.

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