Neoprene gaskets

Using neoprene foam gaskets

Using neoprene foam gaskets

We stock many different variations of a gasket here at Stephens Gaskets including the highly reliable closed cell neoprene foam gasket. With over forty years of experience under our belts, you can be sure to rely on us when it comes to precision machined components....

Neoprene Rubber Gaskets from Stephens Gaskets

Neoprene gasket sheets are characteristically 1.4 metres wide and available with us at affordable price. You can easily buy neoprene sheet or neoprene gaskets in a wide range of thicknesses. However, you should understand the rule of selecting the thinnest material...

Foam Gaskets and Neoprene Gaskets – Manufacturing

Stephens Gaskets is committed to manufacture and supply high quality foam gaskets and neoprene gaskets to any given specification. Foam/sponge differs from solid rubber in a fashion that it is a blown variant of solid rubber. This property makes sponge a lighter and a...
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