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Stephens Plastic Mouldings is part of the Stephen Group enterprise. Stephens Plastic Mouldings was initially set up as a result of sister company Stephens Gaskets buying in plastic shim which is a plastic moulding. It was decided that why buy it when you can make it, Stephens Plastic Mouldings was born.

Stephen Plastic Mouldings has been manufacturing mouldings for customers for a number of years and has over twenty years’ experience across the team. Since the inception of Stephens Plastic Mouldings the business has grown and grown. Initially employing two people and one machine there is now a workforce of nine people and thirteen machines, which includes a 350 ton injection moulding machine specially imported from Germany which has exponentially increased capacity of production and ability to produce a wider range of components for customers.

As part of our growth we have been able to develop our skills in new and more diverse areas of mouldings which range from automotive through to medical uses. We are equally dedicated and committed to all stages of the manufacturing and design of plastic injection moulding and our involvement can start at the preliminary design stage of the component.

We therefore offer a beginning to end service, from the initial design process through to the production of the moulding. Within this we are able to offer advice on tooling and how best to manufacture the part to keep costs down and on the design process by advising what is achievable on a cost basis.

Plastic Injection Moulding

So many everyday objects are made by the process of plastic injection moulding, ranging from bottle caps to pieces of furniture. In industry a number of mechanical parts are manufactured by plastic injection moulding; car body panels, automotive dashboards, as well as smaller components such as spools are all created using plastic injection moulding.

The process of plastic injection moulding starts with the heating of the plastic material which can be either thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic. The material which starts out as granules of plastic are heated in barrels until the plastic is hot enough to become liquid. The plastic in liquid form is then directed into mould cavities. Once in the mould the plastic is cooled and allowed to harden into the mould to form the desired component. Moulds are designed by industrial designers which are then produced by mould makers or tool makers using metal, aluminium or steel.

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