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The term rubber gaskets encompasses a huge range of products, each of which has its own specific merits and properties. Put simply, our range of rubber gaskets ensures that we always have the perfect product for your requirements, meaning that you need look no further than Stephens Gaskets.

Take butyl, for example, which is highly weather resistant and impermeable as a material, but offers poor resistance to fuel. On the other hand, nitrile rubber gaskets are highly resistant to fuel and petroleum based products as well as aromatic hydrocarbons, with an operating temperature resistance ranging from as low as -20 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius.

EPDM rubber gaskets are water resistant and also are not prone to ozone or ageing, which makes them ideal for situations in which the material might be exposed. Neoprene gaskets, conversely, whilst not being ideal for applications which might involve ketones or aromatic hydrocarbons, have excellent abrasion and strength properties and are highly resistant to salts, acids, oils and weathering. We even offer silicon rubber gaskets, which are fantastically resistant to heat and ideal for use in the food and catering industries, having superb electrical insulation properties, whilst remaining compressible and non-stick.

Put simply, the type of rubber gaskets which is best suited to your particular industry or need depends entirely on the properties or characteristics required. Fortunately, though, Stephens Gaskets has been established since 1947 and our experience and knowledge is completely unrivalled in the industry. We’re proud to offer our products throughout the United Kingdom and abroad from our strategically-placed location in the West Midlands, enabling us to reach as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible.

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